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The best way to minimize your taxes is NOT during tax season, but each quarter leading up to your year-end. An hour consultation could save you thousands of dollars on your tax bill or business expenditures. Every individual and business is different.  Our attorney has over 16 years of experience in helping business grow. Her clients included: individuals, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and everyone else in between. This vast exposure allows us to offer you the best advice catered to your situation. At Le Tax Law, PLC--we'll be with you every step of the way.


It is bad enough that you have to file a 1040 once a year. Once you own a business, filing once a year is no longer an option. Businesses are required to make estimated tax payments on a quarterly basis and an extension tax payment should the estimates be deemed insufficient to cover the annual tax liability. Additionally, for businesses with employees, quarterly payroll taxes must be withheld and remitted to the IRS. For contractors, annual 1099 are required to be sent out at the end of the taxable year. Le Tax Law, PLLC can guide you to make timely and accurate filings.

As part of our planning packages, we will walk you through the various filings you'll need to make for federal tax purposes. We also offer this service through our initial consultation portal. Be sure to mention that you would like to discuss the various filings during your consultation.


If you are an individual, tax time can be daunting. Whether you purchased or sold a house in the current year, welcomed a new family member, switched jobs, or engaged in any major financial decision, your tax will be impacted. How do you decide which receipts to keep and which you can ignore? How do you decide how much to put into or take out of your retirement benefits without triggering major tax penalties?   If these are some of the issues you face, come see us. A single consultation could save you thousands on your tax bill. At Le Law Tax, PLLC we enjoy helping our Clients through their financial journeys. We love to help, and you can rely on us every step of the way.

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