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Le Tax Law Gives Back!

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My favorite quote is, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I’m not Peter Parker, but this saying has echoed into how I live my life.  I take it to mean that if I can do good, then I have the responsibility to help others. Thus, the firm has taken the initiative to donate to local pet charities every month. Below are some of the charities we have helped. If you would like to contribute, please check out their social media and learn more about the donation matching.

February 2023

We had a chance to assist our friends at Cowtown Friends of Fort Worth Animal Care and Control raise money for some needed supplies for their 150 residents.  You can find out more here

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February 2023

Poor Rita has cancer and was stuck at the shelter. Luckily, Operation Save a Shelter Dog was there to help. However,  surgery is expensive and we are glad that we could assist. Click here to see more. 

October 2022

Are awesome friends at Marleigh's needed funding to board the current rescues, and we can't resist and opportunity to help.  You can find out more here

July 2022

Transporting dogs to states that do not have an overpopulation problem is critically needed. Thus, when our friends at Apollo needed fuel to make this possible, we are glad to help. Click here to see more. 

July 2021

Feral Friends needed an extra hand with kitten season, and we are so happy for an opportunity to assist. You can find out more here

June 2021

East Dallas Kitty Club had quite a few severe medical cases and we were happy to assist. You can find out more here

May 2021

Marleigh's Friends once again came to the rescue of many sick dogs that were abandoned in Texas. You can find out more here

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April 2021

With kitten season starting, we were delighted to help Averting CAT-astrophe with their fundraising. You can find out more here

March 2021

We were able to help Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue with providing care for Ranger, a diabetic Goldendoodle!! You can find out more here

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January 2021

We were able to help The Forgotten Ones with several big surgeries (for Ralphie and Precious), lots of spay/neuters, and many puppy vaccinations!! You can find out more here

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November 2020

We were able to help Emma's Wish with a variety of medical needs, such as heartworm treatment, spays/neuters and dental cleanings!! You can find out more here

September 2020

Marleigh's Friends is one of our favorite rescues. They save dogs and cats from Carrollton Animal Shelter whom others have given up on. You can find out more here

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August 2020

We were able to help Austin Farm Sanctuary who focuses on farmed animals and creating a world all animals are happy to call home.  You can find out more here

July 2020

We discover Lexi's Legacy Rescue after one of our fellow rescuers reached out to us. You can find out more here. Look at what the rescuer has to say:


"This woman , Yvonne Dillard, has been saving the cats CAS labels “potentially feral.” These cats would otherwise likely have been euthanized. Just last week she rescued 7!! She works with them to determine if they are truly feral or just need time. She adopts out the ones that can be and keeps or finds suitable placement for the others. She has also saved at least 3 dogs that I know of (maybe more) from euthanasia at CAS . CAS labeled these dogs as having behavioral issues . Without her taking them, their chances of being killed were high. The funny thing is, the dogs are usually small and end up just fine with her . I know she is in need because she’s taken on a lot lately. She posted a fundraiser that I shared. But I know there are so many rescues that are just as worthy too, but she is a small rescue."

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June 2020

Averting CAT-astrophe is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of cats/kittens as well as public education regarding proper care and the importance of spay/neuter in battling the escalating overpopulation problem. You can find out more here

May 2020

Marleigh's Friends is a 501c3 foster-based rescue on a mission to save the dogs and cats that are left behind in shelters from being euthanized, ones surrendered by their owners, on the streets, and those that are being abused and neglected.  You can find out more here

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