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Cyber Monday? Cyber Theft

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The IRS and the Security Summit partners advised citizens to beware of scams and identity theft schemes during the holiday season. With COVID-19, more are shopping online. Here are a few steps to remember when shopping online:

  • use trusted security software for computers and mobile phones, make sure to update your software;

  • make sure the purchased anti-virus software have features to stop malware and a firewall that can prevent intrusions;

  • don't open links or attachments from suspicious senders; fraud scams related to COVID-19 and the Economic Impact Payment are common, make sure to pay special attention to these type of emails.

  • use strong and unique passwords for online accounts;

  • use multi-factor authentication whenever possible;

  • shop at sites where the web address begins with "https" and look for the "padlock" icon in the browser window. A good rule of thumb is to also google whether the site is legit or not;

  • don't shop on unsecured public Wi-Fi;

  • secure home Wi-Fis with a password;

  • back up files on computers and mobile phones; and

  • create a virtual private network to securely connect to your workplace if working from home.

There are more security recommendations cater to specific mobile phone from the Federal Communications Commission's Smartphone Security Checker.

COVID Related Scams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued warnings regarding COVID-19 scams (e.g. anti-body testing, healthcare fraud, cryptocurrency fraud and others). Federal Trade Commission also issued alerts regarding fraudulent emails from those claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization.

COVID-related fraud complaints can be filed at the National Center for Disaster Fraud. For the latest scam information and to report COVID-related scams, visit


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